Interactive Visualization

Two years back we update people about the war of two comics group on the huge screen. It was quite fun to merge two of our passions like data visualization & comics in one piece. It was started with our curiosity to get the knowledge what all those comics are amounting to & we think it helped us prove a serious point one of the best is seriously got an upper hand.

Few of the things that annoyed me was that we had to link them to the interactive visualization, readers could not be able to see the amazing charts in our article, so we ended up including some screenshots with few insights explained via text. On the other hand, some people clicked them to play with the data, we suspect few just read the piece & timed out, which is suboptimal when we update a story, our goal is to allow readers so that they can interact with it effectively & quickly.

Enabling Google Data Embedding

The initial step to embed reports is a super important step, enabling Google data embedding is very simple to do.

Open the report & click on file, which you can find on the top left corner.

Just click on embed report.

Place a check on enable embedding & choose the width with height of your iframe.

Selecting The Correct Visualization Sizes

People access sites in all possible gadget categories & platforms& we have a bit control over that, but we do have control on how we display the information in different displays. The first recommendation is to make your website highly responsive.

Dropping Down your DataViz into Perfect Insights

As we have mentioned before, sometimes you really wants to show single chart at a time. In this very case, you want to make separate versions of your visualization. For that, you have to break down the full data viz into little chunks.